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Travel Journals: Timaru, New Zealand

Timaru, New Zealand travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

New Zealand 2005

Although illegal, hitchhiking is a common and accepted practice here in New Zealand. Let's Go! New Zealand does not endorse it but does concede that New Zealand is perhaps the best country to hitchhike. But, it reads, use common sense: don't hitch alo...

Member: Will
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Wish you were here?

Hi, After we left you on Monday afternoon we took a walk from our hotel down to the Tulum ruins on the beach. We didn't have the place to ourselves like at Chichen Itza unfortunately but most of the tour buses had departed. The ruins are of a Mayan...

Member: Kate and Jonny
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New Zealand

Our first Christmas in the southern hemisphere for all of us except Rich so we were expecting a blazing sunny day and to head into the lake. Well it was warm and after dinner Rich and I raced into the lake but more fuelled by the alcohol than the blazi...

Member: Claire and Paul
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New Zealand 2006

27 March I got to Dunedin and lunchtime and met Phil by the train station. He is the eldest of my NZ cousins. He showed me around Dunedin and then dropped my stuff off at his home. I had a great day around the city, shopping and looking at the Scottis...

Member: alexandra
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New Zealand & Australia

Caught the morning ferry from Picton to Wellington, and on the TV they were showing the funeral of the Maori Queen, who died about a week ago. The Maori kingship was formed in the 1840s, when the Maoris decided they needed to unite, to better resist th...

Member: Louise
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