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RSS Feeds

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and is an easy way of staying up to date with content on websites without having to visit the site. This means you can subscribe to the site and you will be notified whenever an update is made.

On My Life of Travel every member receives their own RSS feed. This means that by subscribing to someones feed, you will be informed whenever they add a new journal entry to their site.

How can I read the feeds?

An RSS Reader will automatically check for new content in your feeds and inform you whenever a feed has been updated. You can either use a web-based service, such as Bloglines, which does not require any installation, or you can download a free desktop RSS Reader, such as Feed Reader, which sits on your computer and keeps you updated.

The RSS Reader will provide you with a short piece of text from the new journal entry and will contain a link to the entry for easy reference.