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ok.... so ive been slacking on the whole travel journal thing... but thats probably becuase i havnt been doing much actualy traveling out side of and it goes on... heres the updates anyway. -didnt m...
Member: Megan
London Study Abroad 2006

London Study Abroad 2006

Okay, while I know that I did not participate in any debauchery in Scotland (despite my claims that one MUST drink whiskey if in Scotland), I did participate in minimal amounts in Ireland...because honestly I wasn't going to two famously drunken countr...
Member: Rachel
India 2005

India 2005

18 months...
Member: Les

Ireland & Shetland

Aye, can now say I've been as far north as you can possibly go in Great Britain! Despite the initial thoughts of hypothermia, frostbite, insanity and general suffering by way of cold the trip (though short) was a success! Unfairly summed up in ...
Member: Kara

Trip 2002 - Our First Adventure

Very windy this morning – early start. Had arranged for the night porter to call us at 4.00 am. Also set alarm and Jan her mobile phone alarm – guess what? – no calls. Mobile still set for Aussie time – alarm didn’t work and the night porter still s
Member: Yvonne

Ireland 03-04

QUB Queens University (from here on out referred to as QUB) is a beautiful campus. The Lanyon building is the landmark building,and unfortunately i didn't have any classes in there. I took three classes: Beginners Irish 1, Pest and Disease Biology, ...
Member: Rebecca
APs European Vacation

APs European Vacation

Musee D'Orsay: awesome. Sculptures rocked the house. Three in particular reminded me of the superior AP, Diz and me. Hard to explain why. There was also a painting that screamed Rohan. Waves of purple. Cool stuff. Versailles: also pretty awesome. Cr...
Member: Amanda
Exchange 06/07

Exchange 06/07

so flight was rather unveventful most interesting thing was my flight attentents name was Poo. yeah thought it was funny... got lots of free alks yeww! had a stop over in japan sayed in a like 5 star hotel its was cool. It had a toilet that squirted wa...
Member: Melanie

Moving to London and First travels

O shit, I am in London what have i done? and now this is my home... or do i want to go back to Sydney...
Member: David
Eurotrip 05/06

Eurotrip 05/06

Sweden with Mark and Ben...
Member: Chris
Europe 2006

Europe 2006

Just another night out at Ludgrove, back at school the parties continue and the teachers lead the way. Just a few snaps of the other night back at bungello Wil (one of the teachers places) after a night at the local pub or as it is now referred Ludgrov...
Member: Gemma
Europe and Beyond 2005-2006

Europe and Beyond 2005-2006

Flew from Santiago de Compostella, Spain to Hahn, Germany, then travelled up to Frankfurt to fly back to the USA....
Member: Greg


Caught Eurostar to Paris on Friday night. Sat went to market, Notre Dame, Crepes on Champs Elysee, Climbed Eifel tower, Sunday to Montmarte, more food. Moulin Rouge, more food, Eurostar hoem. Amazing weekend....
Member: Julie and Ryan
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

What a great time! Doing it up right in Dublin, Ireland! Crazy times, met loads of crazy saffa's and aussie's but would not be the same w/o them! Spent an ENTIRE day at the Guiness Brewery where there was an oyster festival. Drank loads of free ...
Member: Sandra

Europe 2006

Ottawa - came here for my first Concert -- Summersault 2000 AWESOME show (Sum 41, Finger Eleven, Treble Charger, Eve 6, The Catherine Wheel, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Our Lady Piece and the Smashing Pumpkins) Other than that... Meah... I once wen...
Member: Adriana Kaili

Ireland 2004

Aug 1 - London → Cork Aug 2 - Cork → Cobh Aug 3 - Cobh → Limerick Aug 4 - Limerick → Waterford Aug 5 - Waterford → Kilkenny Aug 6 - Kilkenny → Dublin Aug 7 - Dublin Aug 8 - Dublin Aug 9 - Dublin → London...
Member: Francisca

London - Two Years of Tales of the City and the Weekends Away From It...

Hey Everyone, You'll be please to know I'm extremelly jealous of the weather reports I've been hearing about lately from Australia. I know I can't complain having spent a month in Egypt, but I'm going to. London is a little on the chilly side, ...
Member: Andrew
Through The Looking Glass- 2006

Through The Looking Glass- 2006

As was to become a feature of our mornings Amy and I were up early whilst Mark...took a little longer! We drove to the city and walked in from the outskirts. The Durham cathedral is pretty amazing. It's so big. It's the room that was used for the great...
Member: Alice

Back to Blighty

Words from Tommy tomorrow Yes sorry for the wait ... our second trip to scotland was on the second may bank holiday weekend ie we had the monmday off, so off we went friday night to edinburgh in the trusty rover to crash at clint and kerryns pad in
Member: Tom and Jools

"Finding the Craic" - Ireland Paddywagon Bus Tour November 2006

Day 1 Dublin 2 Belfast - Drogheda, St Peters Church - Slane Castle - Monastery - Belfast city centre - markets, food hall 4 lunch, - black cab tour - dinner @ "Ryan's" Day 2 - on 2 Derry - Ballycastle 4 cornish pastie - views from ...
Member: Louise

Dublin - March 2006

As many of you will know, I have a special fondness for St Patrick's Day - because it's also my birthday! (And Dave's, my birthday buddy.) So this year I was really spoiled, James bought us tickets to Dublin - yeah!! We flew out on the morning of ...
Member: Danielle and James

Before, During and After the Festive Season

This album includes a mix bag of my nanny job (short as it was), pre-xmas in London, the Trip up to Market Drayton for Xmas and the Emerald Isle for New Year....
Member: Kate
A couple of work trips...

A couple of work trips...

Well, i headed off to Kent International Airport - flying via Stansted and then driving round the infamous M25 to get there. Was at KIA for 3 days, and can see France from the airport! Well good!!
Member: Si


Ireland is as beautifully green as one might imagine, which is the result of plenty of rain. I spent a few days in Dublin just after visiting London. During my time, I took a day tour down to Wicklow. It is actually the place where Braveheart was filme...
Member: Brent
Euro Trip 2006

Euro Trip 2006

We spent this past weekend in Budapest, Hungary. The train ride there took almost 15 hours and our seats were right next to the smoking car (yuck)! Scott and I probably had three packs each by the time we arrived in Budapest. Once we got checked-in to...
Member: Mandi

Pint of Guinness please - Dublin

Went to Dublin a couple of times so thought i would put pictures in from both trips:) First time Jane and i went in June 05 with a group of girls we had met after just arriving in the UK. Was a cheap as flight, cost us only £1, crazy but once th...
Member: Kylee
Europe 2005-2006

Europe 2005-2006

Paris, my new love...
Member: E

Around the World Around the Wo-orld, Around the World around the Wo-orld

I don't know how to use this blog, i think i did it wrong. i already wrote a piece for this entry, why are they asking me to write a piece for the entry again? whay, whay? whawhawhawhawha...
Member: ciara
Marathon Journey

Marathon Journey

the Big Apple .. nothing like it ..the city or the marathon.. unbelievable! didn`t quite get the travel right on this one .. arrived the day before, walked across town to the expo and then woke up at midnight to the sound of my alarm.. race day came an...
Member: Yiannis
Let´s play the traveling game.

Let´s play the traveling game.

That's what I like in my cities. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg blaring through the streets. We decided to take a mini detour to Budapest. It's been muggy and chock full of fun stuff. The day we got here, we discovered that President Bush was following us i...
Member: Travmandels

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