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ok.... so ive been slacking on the whole travel journal thing... but thats probably becuase i havnt been doing much actualy traveling out side of and it goes on... heres the updates anyway. -didnt m...
Member: Megan
London Study Abroad 2006

London Study Abroad 2006

Okay, while I know that I did not participate in any debauchery in Scotland (despite my claims that one MUST drink whiskey if in Scotland), I did participate in minimal amounts in Ireland...because honestly I wasn't going to two famously drunken countr...
Member: Rachel

Marathons and races around the world

This was my best marathon yet, even though it was done on the least training. These things definitely get easier as the body adapts to what it needs to do. I only took 4 minutes off my Paris time but I finished strongly and my legs wee pretty comfor
Member: Calan
India 2005

India 2005

18 months...
Member: Les

Luffbra in London Mar 06

A quick train trip down south, and Mikey, Amanda, Liz and I spent the weekend together catching up on everything which was a blast. Firstly tho I went via Ascot and Euston for a course for work which was grand. On Sat we went over to Richmond, w...
Member: Si

Trip 2002 - Our First Adventure

Very windy this morning – early start. Had arranged for the night porter to call us at 4.00 am. Also set alarm and Jan her mobile phone alarm – guess what? – no calls. Mobile still set for Aussie time – alarm didn’t work and the night porter still s
Member: Yvonne

Ireland 03-04

QUB Queens University (from here on out referred to as QUB) is a beautiful campus. The Lanyon building is the landmark building,and unfortunately i didn't have any classes in there. I took three classes: Beginners Irish 1, Pest and Disease Biology, ...
Member: Rebecca

My Life of London

Well, what a huge day. I got up at the usual weekday time in order to get yo Paddington for the earlyish morning train to Cardiff, I was off to the Australia v Wales rugby match. (Or Awstralia v Cymru in welsh) On the trip out I was sitting with a f...
Member: Craig

Freezing in Canada and USA 07

Massive thanks to Adam and Katie for having me to stay. I love you guys to bits. ...
Member: Si
Exchange 06/07

Exchange 06/07

so flight was rather unveventful most interesting thing was my flight attentents name was Poo. yeah thought it was funny... got lots of free alks yeww! had a stop over in japan sayed in a like 5 star hotel its was cool. It had a toilet that squirted wa...
Member: Melanie
Journies in a Beamer

Journies in a Beamer

Canterbury, Rye, Battle, Southampton, Romsey, Isle of Wight, Winchester, Stone Henge, Sailsbury, Stratford-upo-Avon, Oxford, Warwick. That's about all there is to tell really. It happened so long ago I can't be sure if anything funny happened, in fa...
Member: James

Vaughan and Si's Road Trip round Scotland

Visited Loch Ness on sunday, and went through a Loch Ness exhibition. The tour starts out by detailing all the evidence supporting the presence of a monster in Loch ness, and you start thinking, well maybe it could be true, and then they proceed to dis...
Member: Si

On the Scottish Borders

I was running late as per usual. Kept hitting the snooze button and ended up having to pack my daypack and get dressed at the bus stop in front of the BGH. But at least I caught the right bus to Kelso. Munro Bus 67 drove pass St Boswell and Tweed Ho...
Member: My Trinh
Eurotrip 05/06

Eurotrip 05/06

Sweden with Mark and Ben...
Member: Chris

Scotland, September 2005

The Haggis tour left from Edinburgh on Monday morning. The first stop, was the Wallace monument in Stirling – the scene of William Wallace’s massacre of the British. We also managed a fleeting visit of Doune Castle (Monty Python and the Holy Grail). ...
Member: Ian

Doing the Full Monty with Haggis

We had a lazy morning frolicking in the woods around the Lake District and Aira Force (even got to see a waterfall) before heading further north to Cawfield Quarry to climb part of Hadrian's Wall. I can't believe so much of the wall is still intact. W...
Member: My Trinh

Grand Slam Tour 2005

I only managed to make it to one game but it was a good one! The last game of the Grand Slam. The game itself nearly killed me though - it was a miserable freezing Scottish afternoon but it had been so hard for me to find an AB's jersey in London that ...
Member: Laura

Edinburgh/London/Winsor 2005

Edinburgh/London/Winsor - 24/9-1/10/2005 TRAVEL EXPENSE 1.Air-ticket(HK-Lon-Edinburgh) HK$13,120 2.Edinburgh B&B (Kariba Guesthouse)2 nites HK$1,624(UK$116) 3.Edinburgh expenseHK$1321.6 4.London hotel (Aspen suites 5 nites) HK$5,040(UK$360) ...
Member: Mimi

Europe 2007: Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany

Even though only an extremely casual follower of yachting, I was gutted when Team New Zealand lost the America's Cup in 2003 as it meant the actual event was moving away from my doorstep. However what I didn't know back then was that by the time the n...
Member: Navin
Europe and Beyond 2005-2006

Europe and Beyond 2005-2006

Flew from Santiago de Compostella, Spain to Hahn, Germany, then travelled up to Frankfurt to fly back to the USA....
Member: Greg


Well the Edinburgh trip was interesting... We may not have seen many of the traditional sites, but we did manage to take in the hospital, a few chemists and a medical centre. We caught the plane on Friday night with Paul feeling a little under the w...
Member: Rebecca


Caught Eurostar to Paris on Friday night. Sat went to market, Notre Dame, Crepes on Champs Elysee, Climbed Eifel tower, Sunday to Montmarte, more food. Moulin Rouge, more food, Eurostar hoem. Amazing weekend....
Member: Julie and Ryan


We spent the day in Greenwich on Saturday with my sister Elissa and her boyfriend Luke. We started out at one of the pubs there and had some lunch and a couple of pints. We then headed up to the observatory which is in a park up on a hill. You ge...
Member: Lachlan
European Extravaganza (that your not on)....

European Extravaganza (that your not on)....

So after the long ferry ride we arived in Patras and grabbed a train into Athens. I just so happens that my first night in Athens was also my 23rd birthday. We went to this really nice resturant and gazed a the Acopolis at night. Next day we walked aro...
Member: Blake
The Longest Holiday i've ever had.............

The Longest Holiday i've ever had.............

Really, it can. For starters - their signage which I know i've already mentioned, and i'm going to mention again. Written at Wimbledon Tennis - "Taps not for drinking". Well! o great revelation there. If you drank a tap you'd choke! ...
Member: Flora


Scotland is fine, I can't say it's amazing. More trees than people. The countryside in the summer must be amazing, but also the whole country in the winter must be horrible! Incredible how humans can survive that....
Member: Elisa

The North

First stop village just outside leeds, Libbys house. Got to meet the whole family!!!...
Member: Danielle

Europe 2006

Ottawa - came here for my first Concert -- Summersault 2000 AWESOME show (Sum 41, Finger Eleven, Treble Charger, Eve 6, The Catherine Wheel, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Our Lady Piece and the Smashing Pumpkins) Other than that... Meah... I once wen...
Member: Adriana Kaili
Through The Looking Glass- 2006

Through The Looking Glass- 2006

As was to become a feature of our mornings Amy and I were up early whilst Mark...took a little longer! We drove to the city and walked in from the outskirts. The Durham cathedral is pretty amazing. It's so big. It's the room that was used for the great...
Member: Alice


Green grass, earthy woodlands, luscious wetlands, fields of crops & flowers, long stony calm beaches, boundary hedges that have existed for centuries and welcoming villages with cosy cottages... Would you have guessed I was talking about England
Member: Kara

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