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Date: 01 Mar 2005
Locations: Warsaw


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Date: 04 Mar 2005
Locations: Krakow


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Date: 07 Mar 2005
Locations: Vienna

Poland and Austria Easter '05


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Paul, Diana, David, Claire and I visit Warsaw. The city is generally quite grey and still reminiscent of its communist past. The palace of science and culture however is a really interesting building, from the top of which you can see the whole of warsaw. Also Wilanow castle was worth visitng, because it was still snowy we could actually walk on the frozen river, and there was a man there who had made a whole in the ice and was fishing with a stick... The old town which was reconstructed after the second world war was also fascinating, with loads of little restaurants serving very cheap traditional polish food. We had fun trying to communicate in our extremely limited polish, but got there eventually!
Locations Visited: Warsaw


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