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Most Recent Entry: Thursday, May 01, 2008

Inside the Colombian Vortex

My first airplane ride since 1998 and I'm now stuck in 9/11's narrower groove. You pay now for your crappy meals in a fearful world of anxious gloom here in SF as the terror-o-meter blinks this melodic orange alert. Hip-hop and chit-chat...this is a...
Most Recent Entry: Friday, September 15, 2006
 Odysseys into Virtual Reality

Odysseys into Virtual Reality

As usual silly politics forced me to leave the Tibetan retreat and I continued my digital odyssey on highway one by putting my thumb out. What a curious sight I was. The sun brilliantly streamed down on me as the cars furiously sped by. Then a curi...
Most Recent Entry: Friday, August 18, 2006
Writer's Journey in Northern California

Writer's Journey in Northern California

And It’s Just WW II: The Parable of Infinity Benedictus: We’re on this freeway to Salinas …. Hwy 156 to 101: just a lot of trucks and wetbacks in the fields. It’s drizzly and overcast. We’re eating breakfast at Sang’s café ...
Most Recent Entry: Saturday, September 23, 2000
The Global Mind Errupts

The Global Mind Errupts

The Parable of Stone-age Outer-space: The view from GR 663-2BCT: I was sleeping under the seats in the back of the plane when the Golden Gate Bridge came suddenly into view and nobody bothered to pick me up at the airport. Yes, I remember comin...
Most Recent Entry: Friday, April 24, 1998

The Terton Errupts

I froze my poor ass at Hidden Valley. This was where I ended the old year plotting the poetry for the various layers of the miraculous Ginger mandala. Understanding just how flexible the English language could really be with it intoxicating mix of grou...
Most Recent Entry: Tuesday, September 02, 1997
Exploring the Global Mind

Exploring the Global Mind

I boarded the train and arrived in Bratislava, the capital of the newly independent kingdom of Slovakia, within the short space of an hour. The day was wet and overcast. Dinky little Bratislava! A cute little town with a cute little Hrad, and a cute li...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, March 10, 1994

The Yopi Trek Begins

I was under this intense screaming pressure. The closely spaced deaths of my Dad and grandfather had violently pushed me towards unconditional independence. But I felt I needed to frantically catch my breath. I was a little bit disorganized and I was n...
Most Recent Entry: Sunday, September 12, 1993

The Pilgrim Prepares

Before I left Santa Cruz. A young Indian Canadian sold me a picture of Babaji. He told me that Babaji let you get close to the fire, but that he would let you get singed only. He was that protective. Back home I was finally seeing a psychotherapist....
Most Recent Entry: Sunday, April 08, 1990

Monastic Silence in the Northwest

I flew to Utah. The snow was dense at the meditation retreat... It was time to walk nowhere to move nowhere.... I was peeling the thick onion layers: Fleeting thoughts and deep physical pain, physical pain and then errupting emotions. The ...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, June 04, 1987
Exploring The Global Mind in Asia

Exploring The Global Mind in Asia

Shanghai! It's like New York! Pretty classy, yup. I immediately fought for my hotel room. The receptionists always said MAYO. No room. I then stood fast and started taking secretive notes. They would then finally give in. This theater was really old no...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, June 20, 1985

Exploring The Meso-American Vibration

I could see revolution even from the air as my plane landed in the new Sandanista realm. A crashed plane stewed in the hot sun. I saw soldiers. The air was electric.... I loved it. The customs people were teenagers wearing hastily made unifor...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, November 01, 1984

Western USA

Disneyland. I want to talk about this critical place. It's really important. This was the meme lab that interested me the most. It was primitive, but effective. Disney was a bold meme pioneer. He was also a drunk, a paranoid, an FBI snitch and a hopele...
Most Recent Entry: Saturday, September 01, 1984

First Global Vibrations

Hong Kong. A Chinese New York. London. Nervous. Dimsum. Double decker buses. Human horses. Swindon's bookstore. Typhoon warnings. My Greek roommate is out chasing young women. I go and get a massage.... Electricity in the my blood. ...
Most Recent Entry: Sunday, September 14, 1980

Digging Deep Into the Russian Mind...

Sochi. The great Russian resort. Tons of German female tourists here tanned to a rich bronze. I spent quite a bit of time on the beach reading Nabakov's Lolita and enjoyed it immensely. The dark Russian bread tasted good with caviar. You ...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, September 07, 1978
East Coast Blues

East Coast Blues

Ah, Washington! The capital of planet earth. The IMF, The World bank, The Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, and the White House. The iron triangle of power and money, the future target of terrorist attacks.... This was not really clear to me at the t...
Most Recent Entry: Sunday, August 07, 1977

Six Years in Israel

We finally moved to Tel-Aviv. Israel's largest city next to the blue Mediterranean sea. This was the Israel's New York filled with manic noise, busy shoppers, and sexy beach babes. We settled into an immigrant apartment complex where I met more Am...
Most Recent Entry: Friday, June 24, 1977
A Child's Europe

A Child's Europe

Gray Paris. We slept in our Volkswagon bus as the rain poured down making signs that we were only partially welcomed. I bought postcards of naked female statues and the Eiffel Tower. We found a dingy pension and ate watery spaghetti....I was satisfied,...
Most Recent Entry: Thursday, September 09, 1971

Carribean Dreams

I don't remember much. More white beaches and beauties of all kinds. My grandmother complaining about everything. Our next-door neighbor complaining about us.... The ship's swimming pool, the endless parties and a decent haircut I recieved from the ...
Most Recent Entry: Saturday, July 10, 1971

Mexican Odyssey and the American Southwest

Bubby was with us as the Ultra Van crawled up the scorched Mexican desert via the Atlantic side. Somehow it was less charming then the Pacific side and hotter then hell too. Everybody complained of the sinful heat. but my dad kept snapping away wit...
Most Recent Entry: Tuesday, June 01, 1971

The First Global Plunge

My mother died last year. I am just ten years old. I am now in Istanbul. A fishy and stinky place with traces of these historical experiments.... My dad has brought me here as a consolation present. Before this we visited New York, Israel, and Greec...
Most Recent Entry: Friday, May 30, 1969

Before Silicon Valley

I was born in mysterious San Jose in late 1958. I was just five years old. I lived in what one could truly say, were these quiet, tender days before all the ugly Silicon Valley madness... I just don't remember much. There were the swings on their ru...
Most Recent Entry: Saturday, July 20, 1968