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Hmmmm Sweden well this was another one of my trips that came out of the blue.
Ally called me on Thursday night asking me whether I wanted to go to Sweden with her on the weekend so of course even though I am so poor I said yes.
Friday 17th was St Patricks day and Allisons work had booked out the bottom level of a pub so we headed there first. (I know this dosent have much to do with Sweden but by looking at the state of Allison and I drunk on the way home you can imagine getting up at 3am to get to the airport was not an easy task).
After a couple of hits of "SNOOZE" I finally got up and got dressed and went down to shake Ally as she was passed out cold on my couch...after 3 of us started shacking we got her up (it was a slow process but we got there).
We got to the airport both looking a little under the weather... I even walked into a massive metal trolley that you couldnt miss and Ally had a VERY funny run-in with customs.
We were very tired so we slept most of the flight but just as we were coming into land Ally decided to faint!!!! The flight attendant must have been new because she just said "oh we are about to land I have to get seated sorry" I was like your kidding me so I started pulling the plane apart...I grabbed the head rest and covered it in water and tried to get some of ally's layers off...when we landed a diffrent flight attendant came rushing over with ice and everything so Ally woke up and she had really gathered a crowd!!(Show pony)
We got out and it was freezing so the fresh air did her good. We caught a transfer bus into the city and had a look around there for a couple of hours. It was really funny everyone kept speaking to us thinking we were Swedish so we had a bit of fun with that. We got to our hotel and jumped straight into bed, we were both soooo tired and needed a little nana nap.
We had a couple of drinks at our hotel to warm up coz it was snowy outside and then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and a couple more drinks. It was the first one i had been to that had a night club upstairs.
Sunday we headed down to breakfeast early so we had all day to explore. We went to a place similar to "science works" which we had a ball at just acting like kids. We then went to a HUGE park where they had a zoo and lakes (all frozen) and people with ski's and everything really. We were there about 4 hours and only saw about a quarter of it i reckon. Considering we only had the weekend there we managed to see quite a fair bit because their public transport was really good and we kept jumping on and off trams without paying for one (a bit dodgy but much cheaper).
It was then time to head back to the city and wait for our transfer but before we left we stopped off at a pub to have a Swedish meal...the lady described it as a hard workman's meal so we had our "HARD YAKKA" meal and headed back to London.
By the way for all of you who have heard that Swedish people are really good looking... It's so TRUE!!!!!

Locations Visited: Gothenburg

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