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Ireland 03-04

Queens University at Belfast |

Queens University (from here on out referred to as QUB) is a beautiful campus. The Lanyon building is the landmark building,and unfortunately i didn't have any classes in there. I took three classes: Beginners Irish 1, Pest and Disease Biology, and Plant Biology. It was a 45 min walk from my Irish class to my Ag. classes, so needless to say I became kinda fit!

Belfast is a great city. Given its history with the Troubles, there are some places one may want to avoid, but all-in-all, its a wonderful place for ceol agus craic (music and fun)!

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy going to the pubs. This is where the heart of Ireland is, and not because of the drink! The atmosphere in the pubs is one of a different time. I can think of no better place in the world then at a traditional Irish pub with a live band and a cold Guinness, surrounded by friends.

Some pubs in Belfast I would recommend:
*The Crown Liquor Saloon (traditional)
*Auntie Annies (modern)
*The Botanic Inn aka The Bot (traditional music on Wed)
*The Eg. (modern ---order a ladder!)
*The Parlour (not the best pub ever, but its cheaper, and has karaoke)

****Word to the wise: Don't call it an Irish car bomb. Just order a Guinness and a shot of Baileys****

I visited the Giant's Causeway and Dunluce Castle with a group of International students. Words cannont describe the Giant's Causeway.


I only spent 2 days in Derry, so I can't say much. A friend from Berea was doing a term abroad there, so I stuck close to her. She took me to an awesome pub, Peadar O'Donnel's. There was a traditional band and as always, Guinness :) Before I went back to Belfast, we took a walk around the city walls where I grew to understand why most people call it Derry instead of "londonderry".


Dublin, the city that brought us Guinness and U2. Its an awesome city, though the way they name the streets is a bit street had 5 different names before i got to my destination! Anyway, I highly recommend going to the Guinness storehouse, the self guided tour is very educational about the fermentation process. Also, the section on advertising shows the brilliant marketing strategies through the years. Don't forget the pint at the end!
Other points of interest are:
*The Book of Kells
*St. Patrick's Cathedral
Other sites

A group of friends and I went to a small village in Donegal (I think) for a Thanksgiving weekend. This village happened to also be the location of Leo's Pub. Leo is Enya's (yes, the singer!) dad.

Locations Visited: Belfast, Londonderry, Dublin

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