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Sodwana - Biggest Monday

Biggest Monday |

Absolute Madness. And needless to say we didn't even get in one dive in Sodwana, so sad. I have to admit that it never occurred to me that ALL the dives would be cancelled, but apparently that hasn't happened in 50 years, so I guess we were just really unlucky! It was pretty unbelievable to watch, though. The weather was excellent, so we could go down to the beach to watch, and standing on the forested sand-dune, watching the waves wear away at it, cement roads being washed away and trees being felled a few feet in front of us - pretty cool! Luckily the dive-school had a deck with super-cool deck chairs and a plunge pool, too, so we could at least have a dip to cool off and chill by the bar! Alcohol landed up becoming quite a big theme on the trip - there's nothing like a Mojito for breakfast!! And Cane and Coke for Katherine...

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