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Turkey 2005

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Another archaeological day saw a coach trip to Priene, Miletos and Didyma. After lengthy misunderstandings with the tour operator (not really resolved and which ended in us joining the wrong group and incurring the wrath of the guide when we wouldn’t pay the price he wanted us to pay – all very complicated) we set off via Kusadasi. This was a particularly unpleasant start since this very British resort is empty of people in the morning yet full of the detritus of their previous big night out.

Miletos, one of the case-study sites for my PhD, was a rather disappointing mess of stones from different periods, none of them labelled, weeds and more bog (water tables are very high in this coastal part of Turkey). However, the theatre was again very impressive. Just down the road was Didyma, a fantastically large and awe-inspiring temple. Despite six years of archaeological training, I still stare at these structures and marvel at how they ever managed to cut, move and move into place the enormous stone blocks.

Locations Visited: Izmir

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