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Woke up about 7am, fog was rising from the lake, took some photos before everyone started packing. Went to have a shower, it was going to cost a quarter (25 cents), but I had one anyway. Had cereal and pancakes for breakfast. Left at 11am to head for Yoho National Park. Lots of lumber mills along the way, even saw floating logs. Around just about every corner there is an RV (large motor homes)campsite, although many of them are not busy yet. The mountains are becoming steeper, with waterfalls flowing, huge lakes and thousands of fir trees! Haven't seen any wildlife yet. Stopped at Revelstoke, the base of the Rocky Mountains, now in bear country! The highway that we are travelling on is called Highway 1, it goes from Nova Scotia (East) to Victoria (West), it is the longest continuous highway in the world. We travelled through an area called Rogers Pass, it has a number of avalanche tunnels which have been built over the road and train track to protect the vehicles from the dangerous avalanches that can occur. There is frozen snow just metres off the side of the road! Many of the walking tracks are still closed due to snow. My photos will not show how big these mountains are they are incredible, and I haven't even got to the rockies yet!We camped just outside the township of Golden, which is 1000 metres above sea level. I talked with the owners of the campground and they have lived here for 25yrs, they said they haven't had a bad winter of -40C for about 20years. Certainly glad that it was quite that cold but it did get down to zero or below again! Have been going to bed with many layers on!

Locations Visited: Yoho National Park

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