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Migration and Diaspora Studies (SOAS) 2006-07

The Societies Fayre |

Yes that's how they spell Fair here, I guess.

So today I woke up much later than planned and went on campus just in time to sign for the random clubs and socities that I'm interested in participating in but after last night's talk about the Lectures, Tutorials and Seminars, I can't even dream of having enough time to really go to anything else.

I basically went on campus, signed up and bounced.

I was going to go with Cassy (Kandace's friend) to a birthday party in Brixton but she didn't advise me to head out to Brixton by myself. I guess since there's been a couple shootings here and there over the last week, its not somewhere I should go to by myself. So we rescheduled our meeting up for another day and I made it a quiet evening in the house.

Locations Visited: London

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