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Fire! Fire! Fire! |

We arrived at Auckland at 05:10 after what seemed to be a relatively short flight (12 hours). There were over 100 spare seats on the plane so lucy and I had an 3 seats each and could spread out. At Auckland airport we found out which desk to go to and after breakfast caught the 8:15 shuttle bus to the campervan depot. We filled in the paperwork and were on our way to the Bay Of Islands campsite at about 9:30am. Completely dependant on the satnav we arrived at around 2:30. The roads were quite twisty and the van struggled up some of the hills in 2nd or 3rd. Lucy didn't feel well so she was having a lie down and I decided to make some toast using the gas grill. After a couple of failed attempts I got the thing to lite. A few seconds later lots of black smoke started to come out of the top of the grill. A few seconds after that the whole thing caught fire and I Instinctively grabbed the fire extinguisher and gave it a quick blast. The fire was out but there was loads of blue dust all over the cooker and around about it and the whole van stank of smoke. It took me a good hour and a half to clean up the mess and I was very very hacked off with the whole thing. The grill had a piece of plastic in the whole when I lit it so it caught fire and melted all over it. The whole thing was useless and we had 20 more nights ahead.

Locations Visited: Bay of Islands

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