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Our last ´Huanchaco Huanchaco Huanchaco´ |

Went for our last breakfast at My Friend =(

Last (and admittedly only second, but I like to sound fit and active) run along the beach. Didn´t go swimming this time because didn´t feel like being leered at.

Last lunch at the amazing place in our street where I ordered the Lomo Saltado again. Kristian said that I was boring for ordering something I´d already eaten just cos I knew it was good but he was soon eating his words and half my lunch because the fishy dishy he ordered was dirty in a filthy way. We did try some limonada of some girl´s name, Rosana or something, and that wasn´t especially tasty either so it´s kinda nice sometimes just to stick to what you know is good.

Packed up etc, gave away food and drink we hadn´t consumed to the lovely people who ran the hostal (I think we were feeling a little bad because we´d come and gone from the hostal about six times the night before and each time they would have to get out of bed to let us in) and headed back to My Friend to order some chocolate fondue - could have been such a romantic moment.

When we got into Trujillo, we heard our last ´Huanchaco huanchaco huanchaco´ from the annoying rude little men who take the money from the passengers on the colectivos (the worst noise in the world. If I could record it and post it up on this website I would.)

Got onto our night bus and settled in to the sweet melody of the worst opera singer I have ever heard in my life - some fat Spanish lady in pink playing on the tv. Every time she finished a song, the crowd would applause, she´d take a huge bow and then start crying. Weird. Kristian flirted with the stewardess in between trying to stroke my thighs.

Locations Visited: Huanchaco, Trujillo, Huaraz

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