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Paragliding was absolutley AMAZING!!
We all got in a big 4 wheel drive and started driving up the mountain. The drive was probably more scary than being in the air because it was a tiny little road and you drove right near the edge of the cliff.
We got up there and put our suits and packs on (it was so cold because we were so high up) then got a briefing on how to take off.
Candice went first and was quickly in the air. Then it was my turn... Well all seemed well he counted down and we started running but the wind stopped and my instructor was pushing to catch more air. My legs went under his and we fell hard and fast down the cliff. I was so scared we fell about 15 meters which dosent seem alot but because i was infront I cushioned his fall and I was smashed into rocks. Finally we hit a huge rock which stopped our fall. Everyone came running down to help and they carried me back up the mountain. We were really lucky I didnt break anything I just got alot of bruises and a swollen leg but they got ice on it straight away so it wasnt to bad. When the wind picked up Ally took off and we waited to see whether I was going to be able to run on my leg. My instructor decided to take me up higher to get better wind.
Take two. We got all set up and this time we only had to run about 4 meteres to be in the air. I was a bit scared and shacky but didnt want to miss out. We took off from 6 and a half thousand feet instead of 5 and a half so it was BLOODY high in other words. It was fantastic, such a strange feeling, so free. My pilot managed to get hot air so we got to go even higher. We went over Butterfly valley where I had stayed the night before and over the water and blue lagoon, The water looked amazing it is such a gorgeous colour.
I was in the air for about 45mins coz he felt bad after what had happened, he said it was his worst accident in 7 years.
Apart from the little hic up it was fantastic I loved every minute of it. The reviews are spot on when they say its ment to be the 2nd most beautiful place in the world to do it

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