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Brazil -The Pantanal

The Pantanal |

After finally a hassle free journey from Santa Cruz to the Bolivian/ Brazilian border we arrived in Quijarro to check out exploring the Pantanal. We ended up booking with a Brazilian company and would then spend 3 days in the Brazilian Pantanal even though the Pantanal spreads across to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

We were lucky enough to have our own personal tour with our own driver and guide and didn't see another tourist for three days! What views and experiences. One of my highlights of my trip so far. The Pantanal covers Went on safari, 140,000 km square. We only managed to drive 3 hours into it from the town of Corumba by the Bolivian border.
Wildlife everywhere. Beautiful birds flying to admire, including Tucans and Parakeets,Owls, Falcons, Hawks, Vultures, Alligators waiting for their next feed, monkeys swinging from branch to branch, Emu´s, Grey haired foxes, Iguana's and water pigs (largest rodents in the world , up to 50kg in weight)!

Not only did we get to explore the Pantanal by day by foot, safari and on horse back, we got to use our flashlights while on safari at night. On our last morning we were up early on safari to position ourselves to catch the perfect sunrise! Well worth it. Plenty of wild life to greet us also, including Deer, King Fishers and Raccoons

If all that wasn't enough, we went fishing for Piranhas one morning. As you do! We had to catch enough for our dinner so the pressure was on! I some how caught 9! Maybe thats an unknown hidden talent of mine? Great fun! I can tell you they were tasty when marinated in garlic and lemon and then roasted! So relaxing being on a rowing boat on a peaceful lake full of water lilies and other flora. The only other visitor on the lake was a Giant Otter who was checking us out. We definately did not decide to take a swim after spotting him as they have been known to enjoy the taste of a human limb every now and then. A little like alligators!

The sunsets were amazing but to be honest everything about the Pantanal was great. So relaxing. We slept in hammocks overlooking the lake, so we could easily spot that the sun was rising at 5.30am. No electricity or running water or other modern ways of life.It was perfect! Birds in the trees. 3 alligators looking at us from the lake at one stage. ... Serene! I didn't expect to see farms here but there are many ranches that breed in Pantanal Cattle. Sadly though I think that more and more ranches will develop and the wildlife will diminish.

The Pantanl has 650 species of birds, 260 of fish and 80 of mammals. Many of the ranches here are 10,000's of hectares big and some need a helicopter to access! I didn't get to meet any of those farmers though.

What an amazing 3 days in Brazil! I can't wait to explore more of this country some other time. ....

Locations Visited: Corumba

I am going to Pantanal and really looking forward to it! I have to agree that Brazil is such a diverse and beautiful country, I couldn´t ask for anything more...except of course wishing that I didn´t have to go to lectures! Thank God for strikes!
Posted by: Emma Titterington on 01 Sep 2006

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