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London, December 2006 update

London, December 2006 update |

Mid July to mid December

A few have been asking me where I have disappeared to over the last couple of months. So to save a lot of independent emails and for my own memory’s sake, a brief explanation follows.

With the attraction of friends still arriving or planning to arrive in London; occasions next year such as the Rugby World Cup in France, and America’s Cup in Valencia; as well as the usual European excursions, a decision was made to bite the bullet and apply for a new visa – a process that would entail a period of not being able to work and loss of possession of my passport!

After eight painfully frustrating and expensive weeks playing prisoner in London, with no ability to work or travel, I’m pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel having finally received my passport and visa, and having accepted an offer to return to work with a promotion…immediately.

Obviously sacrifices have been made: I was unable to join friends for the All Black v France game in Paris, and as I will be financially scared for a while to come, I’ll also have to pass on a snowboarding trip to Austria at Christmas! However, thanks to the kindness and support of good friends, I haven’t been entirely reclusive. Amongst the usual weekend house parties or bar outings; I have left few museums and major art galleries unexplored; visited various London sites; a trip to Windsor Castle; a trip to a friend’s estate in Lincolnshire to brush up on my croquet and tennis ‘skills’; learned the trade of tiling; and more recently a Tool concert at the Wembley arena.

Going back a little further to a more ‘normal’ period of life, Mum came to check up on me for a couple of weeks. It was great to see her after a year away from home. There were the usual tourist attractions such as the London Eye, revisiting her and Dad’s old flats from their days in London, a trip to Hampton Court, a trip to the theatre, and hundreds of kilometres of London walks (aka shopping).

Locations Visited: London, Grantham, Windsor, London

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