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Granny's 80th Birthday

Friday |

Travelled up to Edinburgh. Was a bit of a nightmare - nearly missed the bus to the airport, and then the flight was delayed. Once I got to Edinburgh, Dave picked me, Lizzie and Jenny up and drove to Crieff.

We arrived at 7pm just in time for dinner, which was so nice! I had marinaded tiger prawns to start, then duck to follow. We then went to the winter garden to relax.

Lizzie swapped rooms with me, which meant that I had the biggest twin room with en suite all to myself! It was so cool!

At 11pm, when I was getting to sleep, the fire alarm went off, so we spent the next hour with all the other guests in the ballroom. Was not the best way to end the first night, but we had a laugh anyway.

Locations Visited: Crieff

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