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The first guy I talk to on the bus and ask where my hostel is works there! He guides me there. He seemed like someone who knew it all. I crash and wake up after a couple of hours.

I'm on of the pretty people here. I ride around on a reformed tree, longboarding through the streets, passed the beach. My hostel is there. 'Hostal del Mar'. I went crazy on the internetsites.. www.loquo.com and more. With my beginning Spanish I get myself some appointments. My first visit is in plaza Real. The corridor stinks of piss, like a lot of the old part of the city actually, I step up and a guy opens a window. It's hardly a window,no daylight there. He crawls out of his bed. I see his ass hanging out of his pants, he mumbles something in Spanish I don't understand and then closes again.
Hmm, living here huh? The room is with students but the landlord has a funny air and asks a lot of money for this pisssmelling house. I tell him "no, no lo creo, pero quiza llamo manana" and skate back to the beach, buying a melon and some bananas on my way.

With my dirty hands I eat the melon and look at people passing by. When I check my mail afterwards I see that someone offers me a room in a house with Dutch people. Appointment tomorrow. I lend out my longboard a moment to the worker I met on the bus. Jorge. He seems to like me, he says "buscas habitacion?"
"si." He takes his mobile and summones me to wait.
He talkes really fast and then hangs up. "Okay." he says. "Come with me tomorrow." "Quizas tengo habitacion para ti." Wow great, so from no rooms, to having maybe two in a couple of seconds. I love it, when a plan comes together.

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