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Sweden 2005

In the Beginning... |

Why Sweden?
It all started when Dan emailed me about paying him a visit:
“Liz” I said, “Dan’s asked us to fly out and visit him”
“Great” she said, “hasn’t he moved to the Bahamas?”
“Not exactly” I said, “Sweden”…
“Isn’t it cold in Sweden” she said,
“No…" I lied, "its not cold at all”,
“What’s in Sweden anyway?” she said,
“Dan” I said,
“Apart from Dan” she said,
“I dunno” I said, “but its got meatballs”

The Plan:
1) Kungsleden
To walk the final section of Sweden’s premier long-distance path, widely recognised as one of the finest treks in the world.
2) Kebnekaise
Ascend Sweden’s highest mountain; at 2011m and over 100kms north of the Arctic Circle, its no mean feat.
3) Canoe
Travel back to civilisation along 60kms of unspoilt Swedish Lake, fine except that Dan’s the only person whose done that sort of thing before.

The Expeditioners:
Matt “that looks like a tick bite” Cowan
Liz “do we have any chocolate left” Martin
Dan “2 hours to get ready in the morning” Forth
Genna “the next person to take a group photo dies” Campbell
Charles “monstrous amounts of beef-jerky” Crockford
Phil “shouldn’t it be called the Queensleden” Earl (
Steve “is my rucsac supposed to look like that” Woolley (

Locations Visited: Leeds, London

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