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OOh it's so Chile! |

Right so last time I wrote my entry I was in Argentina. Have now taken a 14 hour bus journey to Mendoza still in Argentina, as well as another bus journey which was 7 hours from Mendoza all the way to Santiago de Chile where I am now!

To begin with will just update on what happened in Mendoza... First yes out 14 hour bus ride. It was surpisingly comfortable! The seats were what they call 'semi-cama' i.e. half bed so we could sleep relatively well. And we had dinner and breakfast on th bus too! Dinner was quite big and consisted of loads of little meals which we did not expect but breakfast was not quite as impressive consisting of biscuits and tea without milk. The tea was really weird actually for some reason it was really sweet and I mean really really sweet. Tom really didnt like it but it was fine really.Well to be honest not much hehe except for checking emails and sipping wine from plastic bottles in a park in front of our hotel. Yea we wanted to take this tourist bus which was supposed to take us around the area as it would be a quick and easy way to get around the place seeing as we were only there for a day but turns out that the Lonely Planet Guide is a bit out of date and the bus is actually not on anymore.. oh well! Had fun anyways.. oh and abotu the sipping wine from plastic bottles, for some reason plastic cups cost half the price of a bottle of wine so we figured we couldn't be bothered to pay for it and yea used out water bottles hehe. I know we're mega cheap hehe. Other than that we had yet another amazing meal in Argentina as we had lunch in this restaurant recommended by the LP guide calles Onda Libre. Basically its a tenedor libre place meaning {'all you caon eat'! Soo good as you could even have as much Parrillas as you wanted! i.e. you know the really nice steak that I talked about earlier. Apart from that.. yea that was pretty much it for Mendoza.

Anyways so yes left Mendoza on Tuesday the 31st of january.

Locations Visited: Mendoza, Santiago

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