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Valkenswaard for work

Swedish Match |

This was a personal trip so I didn't get to see much of the country. I'll definatly be back to see more!!

Swedish Match http://www.swedishmatch.com is one of the biggest tobacco exporter in the world.

It was a little crazy to be sitting in a meeting with the client project manager chugging away on a cigar. Especially since most work places these days a smoke free. We were allowed to ry the free samples if we wished but my colleges are all non-smokers and I thought it might be a bit unprofessional.

Friday nights are apparently Ladies Night in Eindhoven, a night that can’t be missed apparently. My mate Damon (from work) and I plan to go back there on our way to Amsterdam =)

Locations Visited: London, Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, Eindhoven, London

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