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Good times in London

Gold pro's tennis Hoe's house party |

We decided to throw a house party to welcome in the summer. We decided to make it a theme because you always get a good laugh and THAT WE DID!
During the day us house mates and our close mates sat in the backyard having a bbq and a couple of drinks, it was great weather about 26c.
People started arriving at about 7pm and we all got into our "get up". Everyone looked fantastic and made a big effort as you can see from all the photo's.
It was a great turn out about 80-90 ppl and Blair was over from Oz so he came to join in the fun.
We had a DJ who we fed with beer all night to keep him happy. The noise police game 3 times during the night (ooops) um... but nothing really happened as finally our d.j got so tired and left anyway.
It went into the next morning and since someone had chosen my bed to sleep in.... Blair and I put lots of chairs together and passed out outside in the sun.
All up great night with great memories!!!

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