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Holy land - visit no. 2 |

Ladies and Gents,

It has been a while since our last visit to the promised land but
here we are in the center of town....

His royal cubic highness, Moshe Michael Shalala III, and I will be seeing you all on Thursday, the 24th of February at 21:30 in the "Abraxes Bar" on Lilinblum st.

Absolute satisfaction can not be guaranteed, although two things are certain:

1. Boys - lots of Alcohol (sponsored by Lord Michael....) and , as I have been told lately, lots and lots of Mega Israeli Babes (...any complaints/difference of opinions should be addressed to Sir Saray Barakat...)

2. Girls - Moshe Shalala is in the mutha-fuckin house....

So if your heart desires in kickin' some Nouvo-British arses ,drinking lots of "Cup O' TEA" (earl grey...) and being served by our host for the evening Mr. "Saray Saray" from " kfar Mr'ar' " then you'd better pick a number and get in line.....

Michael will be accepting visitors from Friday the 18th of February.... (But try not to interrupt just yet....he is a bit busy....... if you know what I mean.....)

As for myself... I will be arriving on the 24th of February....(but try not to interrupt just yet.....I am a bit busy...........my mother hadn't seen me for a while!!!!!)

We would be extremely delighted to see each and every one of you at this gathering for old-times sake...

Feel free to pass this invitation to everyone you know and think will enjoy taking piece of the action.....

Be there or be Square (Gruzinis......I apologize for this racist comment....)

See ya all then mates...

Locations Visited: Tel Aviv

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