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Mum and I hit Ireland |

I'm writing this in December 2005, so I can't remember a hell of a lot.

I know Mum was involved somehow, and Moira, and Laura. That's right! Ross and Fidelma get married in Rockforthbridge(shiretownville) somewhere in the middle of Ireland and we went. It's all coming back now...

Reception was a Killary Castle. Unbelieveable location, check out the pictures! A feast of drinking and eating which the irish side of the family described as 'a wee nibble and a sip'.

I do recall the mother of the bride asking me to dance, much to the chargrin of a host of other ladies in their more noble years, i think she was out to impress, as one too many quick foot movements led to her hitting the canvas. I thought she was trying to breakdance. Turns out she wasn't. Perhaps the 'accidental breakdance' could be a niche I could fill? Anyway, I hid in the bathroom in case I got the blame and this became another Robert McCarthy incident.

Headed off to Dublin for a few days, while Mrs R heading back for lashings of whippped cream and ginger beer in the New Forest with friends.

Met up with Colleen at the hostel and we had a few beers. Turned out two was all we could afford. Saw the important sites - Guinness Factory, Jameson's Factory.

Back to Enger-land.

Locations Visited: Dublin

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