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France, Monaco & Itlay. 2001.

Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) |

Upon arrive at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, everyone was very relieved to get off the plane. It was a long, overnight flight that dropped us off in the morning with a lot less than a good nights sleep. Our connecting flight to Nice was delayed by 4 hours. That’s how you find out how 20 teenage girls get creative in an airport. We took out decks of cards, went shopping, listened to music and read magazines. All of us had made a pact with the teacher before we left that we would put in our very best efforts to speak French exclusively throughout the duration of the trip to make an honest effort to ameliorate our speech. I don’t think half the class made it through the first flight with that promise.

Our transfer time at Charles De Gaulle was a memorable morning. When our flight to Nice finally boarded, everyone immediately noticed the size of the plane was a whole lot smaller than the won we’d taken over the Atlantic. Boy, were we in for a ride! Everyone was scared about the size of the plane.. and as if that wasn’t enough, there was a whole lot of turbulence right after take off. You’ve never heard so much screaming in your life! It’s funny to laugh at now though! The view from the plane was great as we passed over small towns and mountains until we reached the Mediterranean.

Locations Visited: Paris

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