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Today we arrived early at the Bascilla, but everyone else had the same idea! We were at least lining up in the shade and not the hot sun. We ended up skipping the queue by joining a tour group through the church. I had to buy a shawl to put over my shoulders as I had a singlet shirt on, which is not allowed in the church! The tour leader shared with us some of the history of Venice and about the building of the Bascilla. All the ceilings are made of tiny pieces of glass, which were then put together as mosaic pictures, it took many years to complete. Unfortunately we were unable to take any photos in the bascilla. After our tour we found a man who was willing to give us a gonodola tour of the city. We were able to get the cost down from 150 euro to 100 euro for the group. The man who took us on our tour had been doing this job for 25 years. On the ride we saw the house where Marco Polo lived, the goal where Cassanova escaped from and other interesting places. He even sang for us! Later we took another ferry trip to a place called Ludo, where there was a beach, but it didn't have any white sand!! Due to the hot weather there were many people, I was feeling very over dressed for the beach as some people weren't wearing much at all!There are many interesting shops in Venice and many of them have beautiful displays in their windows.

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