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Biological snooze |

I snoozed the first hour and a half of my day. Great for dreaming, but one can get so dozed out for the rest of the day.. I have biked to the area where my new job is and decide to take some lunch at this biological foodshop. One beancookie, spinachroll, tea, a cheesetomatorod and a letucesandwich. There is a guy sitting next to me at the bar towards the window. People passing by..

There#s a note before me, it reads: Das Geheimnis liegt darin, loszulassen, Vertrauen zu fassen und die Ansicht aufzugeben, wir müssten uns anstrengen, damit etwas passiert.

It´s a flyer of a longlife movement school which uses the stick in a martial arts way to find good breathing and peace. Nice picture.
´Espanol´, I hear someone say.
Are you from Spain, i ask the man next to me.
No, Latin America, he says, Uruguay.
Aaaah, I say, so you speak the shhh for ll.
We engage in a conversation about Uruguay, their people, politics, the Netherlands, Sweden and somehow land on Geraldo Vandre, and the song he sang which was used by the Brasilian students as a protestmarching song. We start singing the song together. We smile. Then I start singing Silvio Rodriguez and he joins in. The guy of the store smiles and claps, but I feel a little shy, especcially whe he asks for ´more, more´
We finish the verse. I tell them im not used to be open to feel soo much, to practice being open. They both laugh. It waas a beautiful moment shared by two strangers sitting at the same bar in a bioshop. I went from there with a special moment written on my face.

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