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Around noon we set sail to the nearby island of Hvar. On arrival, we decided to check out the town and climb to the "Fortica" (a fortress built in the 14th century – see pics). As usual, we continued our quest for finding the best sea food restaurant in Croatia and came to the conclusion that the "Marinero" restaurant is definitely the winner. After the conclusion of the quest the entire team gathered to check out the "Carpe Diem", a sophisticated bar with a very chilled out music and some great drinks. By coincidence, I managed to meet an Israeli band for the first time in Croatia. "Or Israel" is a Hasidic music band based in Amsterdam and every year they have a tour in European countries. (see pics). Apparently the guys were filming their life and experiences, so I volunteered to represent an additional case of a "Diaspora Israeli" living abroad. I continued to another bar to meet up with Jason, Calan, Angie and Georgie boy. (see pics) After an unsuccessful attempt to pick up I returned to the cat with the "gay squad" but the fact that I was still pumped up with alcohol precipitated another obvious fact that sleeping was unacceptable and therefore I found my self rowing to shore with Calan. I was a bit presumptuous to think that anything will be open at 3:30AM, so we returned to the cat picking up beaten Jason on the way. (A long story for another time….) Tip of the day: A lot of Italian influence is sensed all around Croatia, especially when it comes to siesta hours. Be wary of the local's working hours in order not to miss launch time….

Locations Visited: Hvar

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