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An icky hike |

Cos I´m so behind, I can´t be screwed doing day by day so god said let there be brevity and there was brevity (sorry fazio, was that blasphemous?).

Group was very cool - two lovely english roses, Patrick and Lauren, two uber-fit Irishes, Nicola and Jim, and the only other non-couple (though we were starting to question that by the end) two ´hilari-oos´ Israelis, Michael and Ilay. And of course LeatherFace and myself.

Hiking was far easier than the Inca Trail which was hot to trot. Kristian and I sported our new groovilicious stripey pants that I´m going to buy for everyone back home because they´re so damn comfy. The scenery was beautiful - lots of rivers and these amazing bright turquoise lakes.

The food was pretty average during the day ie. it made me want to vomit in a bucket. We were given these awful awful cheese rolls which, on the last day, Kristian stomped on mine in disgust (I didn´t want it, it wasn´t a vicious action). Dinners were pretty good on the whole, they made this really really nice vegie soup. One night we had tuna and pasta dubbed, of course, ´FannySpag´. The Israeli boys taught us a game called Yanif (if that´s how you spell it) which I´m bringing back to Aus because it´s pretty hot. I asked them if it could be played as a drinking game and they said yes, you sit there and drink while you play.

On the last night I started feeling pretty unwell with lots of aches and pains then started getting a fever and was half-delirious the whole night. In the morning I woke with revolting diarrhoea. Michael was also really unwell (and this is where the suspicion about them as a couple comes in. Ilay sweetly looked after Michael - every time Michael called ´Ilay´ from the tent, Ilay would leave whatever he was doing and run to Michael to escort to the bathroom - the bushes - so that he could shine the torch as Michael did what he needed to do).

We finally finally finally finally got back to Huaraz after a 5 hour bus ride (that was supposed to only be 2 hours!!!!!) and I was ready to just curl up into bed in our hostel. But no. They had decided that 5pm was too late to still have a reservation and they had filled our room!!!! I sat down and just burst into tears because my fever was getting worse and I was too weak to carry my bags anywhere else. So Kristian set off in search of somewhere else for the night and escorted me and all my bags to the new hostel. He then proceeded to wait on me hand and foot, waking me every few hours to make me drink and eat, running to the shops to get me medication in the rain, making my bed and tucking me in. I can hear girls collectively saying ´I want a guy like that´. Hehehe. I don´t know what I´m gonna do when Saturday comes and we part ways. What if I get sick again?! I´ll have to PAY for a nurse!

Locations Visited: Huaraz, Carhuaz

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