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Middle Eastern Adventure (Jul-Sep 2005)

Mt Nemrut, over the Euphrates and Beyond |

Passing over the Septimius Severus Bridge, which until very recent times was a fully functional bridge from Roman times. That is until a modern day Turkish lorry driver drove his truck through one side of the bridge ..>!

Mt Nemrut was home to an egomaniacal monarch who made his subjects raise the height of a local mountain by laying carrying shingle and stones on its peak and building massive stone statues of himself and local deities at its peak. Needless to say that the kingdom didn't last long - but the statues are still in pretty good shape.

Over that life sustaining artery of ancient civilization that is the Euphrates (now dammed by the mighty Ataturk Dam) and we continued onwards across the desert through the real back blocks of Turkey and towards Sanli Urfa (Glorious Urfa). All mind you in 40+ degree heat

Locations Visited: Kahta

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