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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

Being a gentleman goes that long |

The being a gentlemanpart of not having sex on a first night stops when we wake up, kissing leads to oh my god so horny rip your clothes off sex.. she came so fast; and I've smiled just so much that day. You have this aura after having sex that makes you ten times more attractive to the (opposite) sex. Flirting goes from occasionaly to every tree out of nine women.

Whenb I come back from school she has been out shopping and cleaned my room and cooked for me! Oh my god! What is happening here? What did I do to get so spoiled by god on this day?!

This night she has some travelfriends of Seattle come by. WE go dancing DrumnBass in a place called 'Centaurus' or something. Really small, but oh yeah. "Hola BARCELONA!!!" shouts the MC. Thejn I realise it even more. Here I am, Barcelona, a beautiful woman on my side.. living the life.

She offers me herself that night. We have sex out of my window where people might see us, softly we fuck, lips and tongues find eachother heathened, a drunkenness takes our thoughts away, we ride as flesh and flesh, curves wind curves and when she comes I let go of my pressure and fall in that glorious moment with her.

Locations Visited: Barcelona

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