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Our introduction to Vietnam

Wow so this is Vietnam |

Here it is!!

We'll obviously we arrived it was a long flight and thankfully “yes” Dan was at the airport to greet us, the weary yet excited travelers - so bring on the adventures.

Our 1st day:
To start I was almost electrocuted by the precariously hanging wires that we had not realized were actually live, but trust me they are – this I was informed by a local as she gasped as my head just passed it by . Then Kristian and I were in a cab heading to town for some exploring, the traffic here is crazy - the only rule that seems to apply is - if the other vehicle’s bigger then get out of the way. Oh and always honk your horn always (continuously). So were sitting in the back of this cab and all of a sudden we turn a corner and a policeman pulls us over, our driver gets out goes to the back of the car and it appears he gets out his wallet then hands over some money to the policeman. We believe this to be the first and only bribe we saw in Vietnam.
After a bit of walking around The Old Quarter - in the heat, we decide to head off to the pub for some beers, please see the photos – the large 1 is meant to be a litre and the smaller of the 2, ½ a litre – what do you think??
So after a few drink’s we were off to meet Dan at Highway 4 a bar/restaurant that serves food and drink of a different kind. Fermented wine, but this wine is fermented with snakes, bees, herbs it’s up to you to choose the menu is very extensive. So we thought of course we must try the 5 snake. This wine is fermented with 2 Cobras, 2 Kraits and 1 Grass snake – again please just see the photos and you’ll understand that’s also me eating a frog’s leg!!! (oh and you dink this stuff as shots)
After a few different kinds of bottles we decided to head off to Dan’s local – The Spotted Cow for more beer – as you do.
After The Cow was when we had our crazy taxi experience – for you that read the first email (1st Installment) you will understand those that didn’t please ask someone that did. I am sure you’ll understand.

So that was our first day and first impression of Vietnam.

Locations Visited: Hanoi

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