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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Marseille, France |

My memories of Marseille are amazing. I really think that Marseille is under rated.

We arrived at the Train Station in Marseille midafternoon. We didn't really know anything about anywhere we went until we got there. We grabbed a map from the tourist information booth right outside. It was somewhat of a shock/scare so see that we were kinda in the middle of nowhere. I felt like we were unexpectidly going to have to take a bus to the city and that we were kinda let off in the outskirts..
Someone pointed us towards a set of stairs.. about 40 feet wide and a mile high (at least it seemed with my bag on). To those of you who've been to Paris, it was like walking up the stairs to Mont Martre with a sac of potatoes on your back. *lol*
You could see alot of the city from the top though, it was really nice.. Marseille is kind of in a cove. Pretty breathtaking.

My sister and I didn't have booked acommodation when we arrived.. nor did we really know how long we'd stay. We litterally walked around the city, going in and out of hotels looking for a cheap price for 3 hours in the scortching sun. Now that I think back on it (which makes it all worth while).. it was really hillarious! We finally just settled for a hotel room roughly the same price as all of the others, went up, barged in.. dropped our bags and laughed at the sweat patterns on one anothers shirts, rested on the beds for like 10 minutes, panting the entire time from the spiral stairs in the hotel. It must have been 40 degrees that day.

After we recouperated, we took a little walk around. We stayed relatively close to the outdoor mall and the harbour. We went shopping one day and to the beach the other.

That's a storey of it's own.


Locations Visited: Marseille, Montpellier

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