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Today's entry provided by Kim ;)

Wednesday morning stared out ok. Breakfast was warm, filling and quite tasty. We lounged around Amar's parents house for a bit and watched a video of his cousin's wedding. Amar's mom, Malathi, wanted to show me some of the traditions that go into that celebration. All I can say is - wow - they go all out. Up to three days worth of ceremonies, flowers, sarees, family, pictures, music. The whole thing. All in all, it was beautiful!

After that, we headed out to check on our local return tickets from Chennai to Delhi. We had a bit of an altercation when we tried to confirm our first set of tickets while we were in Delhi, so we wanted to make sure all was well for our trip back.

Let's just say that as I napped in the car for an hour, Amar was hard at work inside the airline offices. First they said that basically, we didn't have any tickets. None. Nada. Zilch. After a bit of discussion, they then said that the tickets we originally bought were only offered at that price after April 20. Interesting, we thought. THEN, they said that they said that we could pick up our tickets in Delhi. But we were in Chennai - ~1200 miles away.

So....we're on our way to the airport on Thursday afternoon to try to get this all squared away. Wish us luck :)

After the airline visit, we headed out to check in with a local doctor. We just wanted to make sure that nothing too crazy was going on. After a brief discussion with him, he said that I had a case of "the Delhi belly." I just thought that was a funny name, but he said that I would be fine.

Once all of that was through, we tried to make our way down to the beach. On the way down there, we stopped in to visit a classmate of Amar's from undergrad. We had a great time talking with Devaki and her mom, who have known Amar for quite some time. We looked at her wedding pictures, and swapped stories. It was a great way to wrap up the evening.

Locations Visited: Chennai

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