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Malaysia/Australia - Christmas and New Year 2004-2005

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After saying a tearful goodbye to my Sister again before we would meet up again in September, I stopped off for aone night in KL to break up the mammoth trip home.

Had a well good time, and it was nice to spend a bit of time by myself exploring the city and doing exactly what I felt like. My folks would have been there with me but other circumstances came up and they had to make an unexpected trip to Thailand to be with relatives, so I had a 3 bed hotel room with a huge shower and 60 channel TV for myself!

Went to the Golden Triangle area, looked around all the big shopping centres, went up the Pteronas Towers (once the tallest building in the world), and did a recommended walking tour through the really diverse backstreets of downtown KL; way off the beaten track - ate my meals like the locals did, in the backstreets where everyone would talk about their days at work over a bowl of noodles - great stuff.

I really enjoyed the short time I spent in Malaysia and I can't wait to get the chance to go back to explore it some more! :D

Locations Visited: Kuala Lumpor, London, Brighton

A great account of your experiences in Malaysia and surely an incentive for us readers to pack up and visit Malaysia. Rosette - Malta
Posted by: Rosette Bonello on 28 Dec 2006

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