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A teary day with a happy ending |

Definitely a standard day. I needed lots of time to recover from the night before which really shook me up.

I tried to call home about 35 thousand times, trying all different places. None of them seemed to work but I think I may have been calling the wrong international code. At the last place I tried, when it didn´t work, I burst into tears right in front of the guy. I thought maybe he wouldn´t charge me for getting through to SOMETHING (I think it may have actually connected to an international operator but I was so fed up that it didn´t quite register at the time...) but he wasn´t quite as sympathetic as I´d hoped. Damn.

Went shopping with Nic and Anton. Using our exquisite fashion taste that only a girl possesses (yeah sure, check out the photos), we helped Anton choose a pair of nice boardies. I bought the hottest sarong in the world. Turns out a girl, Candy, has it too but she shall enter the story later...

Eventually got on a night bus that took Nic and my darling self all the way to Lima. The bus was cute cute.

We watched Braveheart in Español and, because we understand about every 17th word, made up our own dialogue. There were also some dwarves in it which kinda excited me because I´ve been talking about midgets a lot lately. I had already suggested that the Ange and Nic crew be referred as Team Midget-Luffers (that´s ´Lovers´ in Russian. Yes, I am multi-lingual.) only to be shut down big time by Naughty Nickers.

Blah blah we sat on a bus. Jealous of my Peruvian adventures?

Locations Visited: Mancora

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