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Weekend Trip to Cardiff |

This weekend was an adventure to Cardiff, Wales. I enjoyed myself very much, however, Kendra and I had to create our own fun at certain times. Hence the ridiculous pictures of my doing stupid shit. The Wales vs England rugby game was on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. Wales is a culture in and of itself and it was great to see how much pride the Welsh hold in their heritage and pride they have for where they come from. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, offered a city but with a small town feel. There were not any really old buildings or anything. Especially since Cardiff wasn't declared the capital until 1950. Most of the buildings and even the castle was redecorated in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the city started to emerge as a mineral and port super power if you will. Overall a good weekend and a good break from the city on London.

Locations Visited: Cardiff

This looks like is it quite a contract to London and probably a nice break like you said. The clock castle looks really neat. It also looks like you are freezing.
Posted by: Linda Pittman on 09 Feb 2006

I was smoking crack on 2/09/06. What I MEANT to say was "this looks like IT IS quite a contraSt to London.
Posted by: Linda Pittman on 28 Feb 2006

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