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North of the Border |

Toko the Beamer north for a wee adventure:
Lincoln, Peak District, Scumchester, Liverpool, Lake District, Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, Isle of Skye, St Andrews, Edinburgh, York, Cambridge.

Visited Graeme and Phil in Liverpool. Night out on the town Friday night. Northern girls. Good grief, all the stereotypes are true - minimal clothing, blonde hair, fake tans. Great stuff until they open their mouthes and unleash that banshee wail of a scouse accent. Nearly as bad as the essex accent. Some may say you should just stuff something in their mouth. I would never say such a thing though.

Heard on Saturday that their had been a stabbing outside a bar we walked past on Friday night. I was really immersing myself in the north west culture.

Checked out The Cavern, Anfield, The Docks. All the important locations.

Saturday night I think we may have gone out in Wigan. Went to the Walkabout I think. I recall that I was the only kiwi accent within earshot. Hopefully Graeme and Phil can fill me in on a few more details on this trip.

Hadrians Wall was a little smaller than I expected. Maybe the Emperor thought the Scots were too lazy to climb over a 2m wall. They say it use to be a lot bigger but I'm sceptical.

Glasgow was a cool city, but not much to do during the day. Edinburgh seemed a little the other way around, but that could just be the time of the week I went.

Went up Ben Nevis. Which is a mountain, and not a homosexual reference. Fort William was a nice little town and had an interesting game of cards with a couple of american chicks and an extremely random old scottish chap.

Didn't see any monster in Loch Ness. Bitterly disappointed. I did see a strange ripple though. Oh wait, that was a strange nipple and it was one of Dan Bruton's.

Isle of Skye is the most exciting part of the UK if you are a grass-lover. That is all there is there.

York and Cambridge are nice, but that's about it.

Locations Visited: London, Lincoln, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, Fort William, Saint Andrews, Edinburgh, York, Saffron Walden, London

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