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Exploring Croatia

Destination - split (...the never ending saga...) |

My trip starts at Pescara, a small town on the east coast of Italy. Me and Calan arrived at the local airport and immediately hopped on a bus to the center of town. An interesting fact about Italian older females is although you explain to them that: "No Italiano" they will stop, smile and continue with a stream of Italian words. Spooky…. After having a nice bowl of fried Calamari (an ongoing motive during the whole trip….) we continued to Ancona. (Allegedly 1.5 hours by train according to Italian time. 3 hours in English time…) A word of advice – those who seek the most beautiful ladies in the world should search no more – Italy is definitely their hide out. (According to Calan, I was quite a happy puppy that day….. I wonder why?!!) After the eyes feast we boarded the ferry to Split. (10 hours ride!!!!!)
We arrived to Split early in the morning. Yiannis, our local Greek guide for the trip, who is apparently an early riser, came to meet us up at the meeting point and off we went for some coffee and Pizzas. (…a traditional tourist breakfast…) After chilling out in the coffee shops of split harbour we continued to the airport to meet the rest of the group. The entire group of 16 people was divided to two. The "A team", the hardcore of elite genes and the "B team", no words…. After leaving the Kremik marina on two massive catamarans, yours truly took command of the vessel (….actually I was asked to keep it in lane while the skipper was taking a leak….). We arrived to Skardin at around 19:30. I decided to go solo and explore the small town by myself while the others were busy jogging or taking a shower. Tip of the day: When in Croatia, eat sea food. I tried the Sote-Strogonoff which was pretty good but relatively expensive. After learning couple of Croatian words from the locals I have decided to have a quick nap…. Of 10 hours….. . As a very devoted Israeli, I sadly heard about the previous night's Babic incident. Apparently, some locals decided to take advantage of the naïve South-African lads, and over charged them on 3 bottles of wine. My mentor would probably turn over in his grave hearing that…..

Locations Visited: Pescara, Ancona, Split, Primosten

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