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Travel Journals: Marbella, Spain

Marbella, Spain travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Sevilla: Spring '07

I just realized that I still haven’t written about Amsterdam here or posted my pictures - sorry! Although it was a cool city, we were all kind of homesick for Spain after 3 days of freezing rain and the strongest wind in the world (which made it imposs...

Member: Meghan
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Travels of an antelope: Fact or Fiction

This will go down as one of the most random adventures I'll ever have! I flew out to Slovakia looking forward to spending three weeks with my girlfriend, thinking I might have time to head off to one or two other places when she was in Uni, but things ...

Member: Chris
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The End of Ischia and the Missions that Follow

Talk about a classic welcome back to London. Turned up to a mate's house party, got welcomed at the door by a transvestite version of Amy Winehouse who wisked me upstairs and painted my face so I would fit in with the rest of the crowd who were all dr...

Member: Kate
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The Costa Del Sol Package Tour

Rich and I decided to take one of the £200 package stories to the Costa Del Sol and live like a chav on holiday for a few days. Unfortunately we turned up at the hotel and it was full of over 50's and families with little kids. Not an 18 year o...

Member: James
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RTW with Steph and Dion

Written by Dion August 11-12, 2006 We decided to spend a couple of days in Uruguay, so we boarded the 9:00AM Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay on Friday morning. The ferry itself was quite nice and the rid...

Member: Dion & Steph
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Chris and Lisa World Tour

Follow our travels round the world...

Member: Chris and Lisa
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