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Travel Journals: Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Six months in Europe

I made it home, slightly worse for the wear. They say to not drink alcohol when crossing several time zones as it makes the jet lag worse, but then they give you free drinks on the plane! Silly people. So of course I indulged just a little. But now I'm...

Member: Erika
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Arrived in Geneva, late Tuesday, crashed and then got up early, picked up the car and drove to Bern via Rolle and Morges (small towns on Lac Leman/Lake Geneva). We had a look around Bern and then headed for Interlarken. After dull weather on the fi...

Member: Si and Cathy
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Europe and Beyond 2005-2006

Flew from Santiago de Compostella, Spain to Hahn, Germany, then travelled up to Frankfurt to fly back to the USA....

Member: Greg
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Breithorn - 4164 m

First note that I updated the previous episode with pics from the various day-hikes I lead. After saying good-bye to the tourists, we (the staff) did the real thing and climbed the 4164 m peak "Breithorn" - middle peak and main peak. A great ...

Member: Rolf
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