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Travel Journals: Canterbury, United Kingdom

Canterbury, United Kingdom travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Semester in London

Today is my bday.. and we woke up at 4 am to catch our flight to Munich. Fun times eh! It wasn't too bad. Our plane was an hour late that was a bit disappointing.. aparently the security ppl would not let a flight attendent in the airport. Anyways, we ...

Member: Kendra
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Robs 2006 Summer Break

Made a weekend trip to Kent to visit a few friends. Such a short amount of time and a lack of car meant I wasn't as mobile as i would have liked! Brings to mind how useful the tube\bus and train system is around London! The cathedral was nice to che...

Member: Rob
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China 2006/07

After a lie in and a little work I headed down to meet Mary-Ann. We wandered around the area where she lives for a while which is much closer to the city; there are loads of shops and restaurants. Her apartment is fine but a little dingy and she has mo...

Member: Hannah
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Mary's Blind-Dating Freak-Show Extravaganza: UK Edition

I am no longer employed. I love it. I'm flying into Ljubljana (all together now: Lube-lee-ana), Slovenia, next Tuesday, March 1st. What happened to Italy? Conveniently, Slovenia is right next-door to Italy, so I'm spending 3 nights in Slovenia, then...

Member: Mary
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Europe 2006

At night, I lay in my bed and wondered why I hadn’t contacted any other farms while I was in town and had a chance? I’d been lulled into a false sense of well-being. I’d even taken out library books. I told myself that I’d give myself until next Thursd...

Member: Barbara
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Europe 2006

Just another night out at Ludgrove, back at school the parties continue and the teachers lead the way. Just a few snaps of the other night back at bungello Wil (one of the teachers places) after a night at the local pub or as it is now referred Ludgrov...

Member: Gemma
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The Longest Holiday i've ever had.............

Really, it can. For starters - their signage which I know i've already mentioned, and i'm going to mention again. Written at Wimbledon Tennis - "Taps not for drinking". Well! o great revelation there. If you drank a tap you'd choke! ...

Member: Flora
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Journies in a Beamer

Canterbury, Rye, Battle, Southampton, Romsey, Isle of Wight, Winchester, Stone Henge, Sailsbury, Stratford-upo-Avon, Oxford, Warwick. That's about all there is to tell really. It happened so long ago I can't be sure if anything funny happened, in fa...

Member: James
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My Semester Abroad

Our weekend in Paris was full of interesting sites and people. Communicating in another language is always fun, especially when you don't know it. And as most of you all know I have a hard enough time communicating my thoughts in English let alone in...

Member: Christine
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Our big trip

Gavin’s bit: The Hilton put on a great breakfast spread, and after Sam polished off about three courses we eventually made our way back out onto the M3, shooting down to Portsmouth. Today we visited the Royal Navy’s base down on the Solvent. Abou...

Member: Paula
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Our 2007 UK and Europe Trip

This trip took us further south west of Norwich than we have to date with our first stop, Sudbury and more specifically the Thomas Gainsborough Museum. Gainsborough was born in 1727 and went on to become England’s foremost portrait and landscape artis...

Member: Yvonne
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Jan-April 2003 - United Kingdom

LONDON: We made two sighting trips to London. 1) Our first was simply to see the Wallace Collection Gallery which had some pretty amazing armory, paintings, and other old relics. We also spent time on Oxford street....aka SHOPPING. 2) Our secon...

Member: Drea
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