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Travel Journals: Iguazu, Argentina

Iguazu, Argentina travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Argentina Jan./Feb., 2004

Jan 26...Monday This was a relatively uneventful day by our standards...we hopped a plane in BA and four hours later we were at el fin de mundo (Ushuaia, aka - the southernmost city in the world, or at least that´s what the postcards say)...we...

Member: Carla
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3 weeks to go in London

Starting this off 9 months into the trip probably seems a bit strange but I've decided that I would like to have some type of memory like this that is official rather than lots of bits and pieces and scribbled bits of paper all over the place when I do...

Member: Natalie
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An Incredible Semester in Argentina...

"You're overcoming your fear Kat...You're overcoming your fear Kat..." thats what was going on inside my head as i was waiting to jump out of a plane in a 3rd world country with an instructor that didn't speak the same language as I do..that ...

Member: Kat
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A Short History of Toilets in South American

Villa de Leiva proved well worth the 4.5 hour bus ride to and from Bogota. This picturesque hilltop 16th-century village was declared a National Monument in 1954, so any furhter development on the 400 year old site must be carried out in the colonial ...

Member: Sam
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Argentina 2006

El Calefate Porito Moreno Glacier Well, this has been such an unusual and truely magical day! We flew to Patagonia yesterday in the South of Argentina to see a glacier that moves. Well, I definately didn´t expect this to be such a moving and...

Member: Julie
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Great train trip however get more sleep the night before as both Roz and I fell asleep on the trip. And take the 2nd class train quick and goes all the way to Paranagua... the 1st doesn't and isn't worth the extra. Ilha Do Mel was the stop and relax...

Member: David
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World Backpacking Trip (Part 1) - South America & USA 2005 / 2006

24th December 2005 I met Gabriela for lunch and after we went Christmas shopping which was easier than yesterday because she knew somewhere that was less busy so of course less people begging. I find this side of things very difficult. By the ti...

Member: Gabrielle
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Had to draaag myself out of bed and realised I had absolutely no idea what I had booked for myself so couldn't really pack for my overnight stay on an island on Lake Titicaca. So kept the rest of the group waiting while I, completely flustered, threw s...

Member: Angela
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Grand ol' world tour

The Navimag cargo ferry, our home for five nights and the best fun you can have on a ship loaded with cargo trucks, cows and sea-sick passengers. Travelling on the first trip of the high season meant that the boat was only a third full. Which was exc...

Member: Ian and Alex
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Our trip to the falls first included a tour of the dam, one of the worlds biggest and with the highest power output, aparently. It is a joint venture between Brazil and Paraguay so we got to go to both sides. The falls themselves are amazing, a must se...

Member: Steve
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