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Travel Journals: Broome, Australia

Broome, Australia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

World Backpacking Trip (Part 2) - New Zealand, Australia, Asia & Europe 2006 / 2007

Wednesday 11th April I Woke at 5am as train rattled into Hanoi. I met Aaron and Natalie at the front of the station and we took a taxi back to the same hotel, where we had breakfast because nowhere else was open before 8am. Then I took a ta...

Member: Gabrielle
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Round the World Trip 2006/07

We arrived in La Paz on Thursday afternoon. It is absolute mayhem here! Buses, taxis, combis and people everywhere. Crossing the road is a challenge in itself. We went to an Asian restaurant for our farewell meal on Thursday night. Having not had a cur...

Member: Paul
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Western Australia

So, we gave sandboarding a go... but it was so windy (hence the dunes) that we were battling the sand in the eyes most of the time (swim goggles do not help!) and shovelling sand out of our ears by the end of it. We arrived in Lancelin mid morning a...

Member: Doris and Mike
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2003 was good

March 8, 8:44 pm Ho Chi Minh City: Park View Hotel Saigon is by far the most congested and unorganized cities I have ever seen or heard about. It is unreal. There appears to be no traffic laws whatsoever; everyone simply drives wherever they please. ...

Member: Dave
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After Cervantes, we cruised on down through Perth (which will be our final Australian destination) to the funky and very pretty port city of Fremantle where we left Drew and Alistair for a few days while we continued further south. We plan to stay in F...

Member: Scott and Jenni
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Sarah's big adventure

Having finished with Ayutthaya, we arrived in Chiang Mai last week, and have been staying in an amazingly clean guesthouse that's only 190 Baht per night (about 3 pounds) so we're rather pleased with that. It's a fair bit cooler up here as well, so we...

Member: Sarah
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um-die-welt 2007

Mit etwas Verspaetung komme ich endlich dazu hier ueber meine Erlebnisse auf dieser Reise zu berichten. Also Argentinien die Erste: Meine erste Station ist Buenos Aires. Eine Stadt mit Charme der Alten Welt vermischt mit einem kraeftigen Schuss Modern...

Member: Baltasar
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