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Travel Journals: Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Western Australia

So, we gave sandboarding a go... but it was so windy (hence the dunes) that we were battling the sand in the eyes most of the time (swim goggles do not help!) and shovelling sand out of our ears by the end of it. We arrived in Lancelin mid morning a...

Member: Doris and Mike
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Round the World Trip 2006/07

After all these years of 'one day planning to go in the future'....I made it across the world to the world down under. We are spending 3 months in this lovely country and had to apply for a 3 month holiday visa to be able to do so. Personally, I fo...

Member: Alanna
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Round the World Trip

I know when you see the pictures of what we are wearing you will think to yourselves where can I get these outfits from? Well, I hate to dissapoint you it is not easy looking this good - Tights and shorts - gifts. boots and coats $90. Looking like comp...

Member: jonathan and bekki
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We spent a long time in Perth 6 mths, when first arriving we stayed at a backpackers, things were very different from the luxury we had in Asia i.e. nice room, good cheap food and hot weather. Perth was cold (the end of winter)the backpackers was no...

Member: JasonandCharlotte
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