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Travel Journals: Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

South America I: Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru 2006

Copacaban in Bolivia, from where we visited Isla del Sol, and Puno in Peru, from where we visited the Uros Floating islands, Isla Amantani and Isla Taquile. Thur 29 June 2006 We took a bus from Puno to Cusco last night and after 7.5 hours arrived ...

Member: Samora & Lucy
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15 June 07 In to Bolivia! Well, like I said the Peru/Bolivia border crossing was somewhat easy. They didn´t check anything. Just a stamping exercise. Once we all boarded the bus again it was less than 20 minutes and we were dropped of in C...

Member: Charlotte and Dyce
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Bolivian Adventures

Well a little tired and smelly but we made it back to Argentina - La Paz to Uyuni by bus, cranked a 2 day 4*4 mission on the incredible salt flats, hopped on a train to the border and caught a bus to Salta in Argentina for our first shower in 4 days. ...

Member: Tom and Jools
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South America 2007

We arrived in Arequipa early afternoon in time for lunch and a tour of the city. The city is also known as White City due to the white volcanic rock used to make the colonial buildings. One of the highlights in the city is the Santa Catalina Covent ...

Member: Michael
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