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Travel Journals: Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

RTW with Steph and Dion

Written by Dion August 11-12, 2006 We decided to spend a couple of days in Uruguay, so we boarded the 9:00AM Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay on Friday morning. The ferry itself was quite nice and the rid...

Member: Dion & Steph
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Great train trip however get more sleep the night before as both Roz and I fell asleep on the trip. And take the 2nd class train quick and goes all the way to Paranagua... the 1st doesn't and isn't worth the extra. Ilha Do Mel was the stop and relax...

Member: David
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Goodbye Edinburgh, Hello World

Well, apparently our time is nearly up and we're having to return to dear old Blighty very soon. Life's a beach, isn't it? Well it has been for us recently, anyway. We've been in Thailand for around two months now. It's the kind of place where nothi...

Member: FisherTours and BoothTravel
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South America 2006

Scored emergency exit row seats for our two longest flights over (Sydney to Auckland then Auckland to Santiago), which made the 24 hour trip a bit less torturous. Chile (the airport at least) was quite chilly, and then so was Buenos Aires, but it wa...

Member: Catherine
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Me & My 20 Kilo Backpack in South America 2006

The start of our trip through Argentina's Patagonia. The first stop was at SANTA ROSA. Santa Rosa is the capital of La Pampa, it is relatively new city as it was only founded in 1892. (So the Lonely Planet guide says) It was a very quiet chilled...

Member: Stuart
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A Short History of Toilets in South American

Villa de Leiva proved well worth the 4.5 hour bus ride to and from Bogota. This picturesque hilltop 16th-century village was declared a National Monument in 1954, so any furhter development on the 400 year old site must be carried out in the colonial ...

Member: Sam
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Weltreise 2006

In Darwin checken wir in Chillis Backpacker Hostel ein. Unser Plan, die Westkueste entlang zu reisen, platzt innerhalb einer Minute, da zwischen Darwin und Broome alle Strassen ueberschwemmt sind und es auch zwischen Broome und Perth sieben Zyklone gab...

Member: Kati n Rob
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Grand ol' world tour

The Navimag cargo ferry, our home for five nights and the best fun you can have on a ship loaded with cargo trucks, cows and sea-sick passengers. Travelling on the first trip of the high season meant that the boat was only a third full. Which was exc...

Member: Ian and Alex
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South America 2001

Brasil. Arrived in Sao Paulo, hung out with family for a week. Nathalie arrived and we headed off to Rio together... The weekend has been fantastic - 25+ degrees - and we spent all of it on the beach. We found this great spot were all the ...

Member: Ben
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