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Travel Journals: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Josh's Birthday Trip

As I said in the Tallin journal we caught a 7hr bus from Tallinn to St Petersburg. Suprisingly the trip didn't drag on because we were entertained by the increasing amounts of snow outside and by the approaching Russian border. We had been given en...

Member: Alicia
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Erasmus Lithuania [2005-2006]

And everything started on the 23rd of August of 2005. With 20 years old i changed my home country Portugal for a sunny(at least when i arrived) Lithuania under the program Erasmus... and my life changed 180º... (to be continued...)...

Member: Alexandre
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Europe 2005

I'm living in downtown Helsinki for the summer. Not the quiet peaceful place you'd imagine, but culturally rich. The President of Julliard spoke to my Arts Management class! Now that the World Games are over, athletes and tourists flood the airport....

Member: E
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Tallinn Trip

Flew out to meet the MediaMenu team in Tallinn. Winter wonderland, snow, huge iciles, onion domes, medieval city walls, battlements. Great city, nice and cheap too! 4* hotel, 340/night, flights, £120 return, and 4 drinks for under a fiver! Recom...

Member: Alex
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Europe 2007

My friend, Dorota, invited me to share Easter breakfast with her and her family at her grandmother’s house. I was happy to accept her invitation, because this would be the first traditional Polish holiday that I had been able to take part in. Not wan...

Member: Barbara
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Europe 2005 - Tour and Post-Tour

October 1 & 2: Random sightseeing and touristy outings around lovely London, including Buckingham Palace, Covent Gardens, Picadilly Circus and the British Museum. The night of the 2nd was spent in Stansted Airport, since we had an early ass flight ...

Member: Manda
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A collection of Tallinn travel blogs (journals) created by other travellers. This travel journal collection forms a comprehensive and unbiased Tallinn travel guide and resource for travel research about Tallinn, Estonia. All content is provided by independent travellers.