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Travel Journals: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

4 Days on a Bus: From Mexico to Guatamala

Arrived in Solola and was pleasantly pleased. A lovely plaza and hub of indigenous activity. I could have stayed longer. Men and women wore their traditional clothes. Men wore skirts over their trousers and women carried their bags on their heads an...

Member: Pamella
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Central America Adventures

I went travelling to Central America for 6 weeks with 2 of my greatest mates Breeza and Aymes. We began in Mexico city, and made our way through Guatamela, Belize and back through Mexico to fly out from Cancun. You will find photos in this journal of a...

Member: Jodi
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Flew into Guatemala City and moved on again as soon as possible to Antigua, a beautiful colonial town reminiscent of Trinidad in Cuba, which I had just left. Devestating earthquakes in the region have left the majestic colonial houses interspersed wit...

Member: Lisa
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A collection of Quetzaltenango travel blogs (journals) created by other travellers. This travel journal collection forms a comprehensive and unbiased Quetzaltenango travel guide and resource for travel research about Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. All content is provided by independent travellers.